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In December, we offered companies the opportunity to win a grit bin for their business, telling us why it would be so important to them.

We received many replies, mostly from west Lothian companies, who were desperate to protect visitors but Annie's Orphans in West Calder were decided as the worthy winner. 

The charity shop on the High Street sells second hand goods to raise vital funds for an international charity aiming to stop the deprivation and suffering of so many children throughout the world. Their motto: helping those that cannot help themselves, led them to set up multiple orphanages in India, Myanmar, Burundi and support charities in Africa, Albania and Guatemala to care for children there.

The shop in West Calder has suffered access problems during colder months as the pavement outside becomes dangerously slippy. Although there are nearby grit bins, these are damaged and no longer fit for purpose. The design of the bin also means the grit gets wet and unusable quickly. 

We were delighted to provide Annie's Orphans with a a bin which will go a long way to not only protecting visitors, but many others in the area too. 

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