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What are the Spill Containment requirements in the UK

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In the UK, spill containment requirements are regulated by the Environmental Agency (EA), an executive non-departmental public body responsible for protecting and improving the environment. These requirements apply to all industries that store, handle, or transport hazardous substances, and are designed to prevent and mitigate the environmental and health risks associated with spills.

One of the primary spill containment requirements in the UK is the need for businesses to have a spill response plan in place. This plan outlines the procedures and equipment necessary to respond to a spill, and must be regularly reviewed and updated. Businesses must also ensure that their employees are trained on spill response procedures and have access to the appropriate spill response equipment, such as spill kits and absorbent materials.

In addition, businesses are required to implement spill prevention measures, such as secondary containment systems. These systems are designed to prevent spills from reaching the environment by providing a barrier between hazardous substances and the surrounding area. Examples of secondary containment systems include spill berms, bunds, and spill pallets.

The size and design of the secondary containment system will depend on the type and quantity of hazardous substances being stored or handled. The EA provides guidance on the appropriate containment measures for different types of substances and industries, and failure to comply with these guidelines can result in fines or legal action.

Businesses are also required to report any spills or incidents that have the potential to cause harm to the environment or human health to the EA. This includes spills that are contained on site, as well as those that reach nearby waterways or land.

Finally, businesses must properly dispose of any hazardous waste resulting from spills. This may involve working with licensed waste management companies to safely transport and dispose of the waste in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Overall, spill containment requirements in the UK are designed to ensure that businesses take the necessary precautions to prevent and respond to spills in a timely and effective manner. By implementing spill prevention measures, having a spill response plan in place, and properly disposing of hazardous waste, businesses can help protect the environment and human health.

Whether your business deals with a large or small volume of liquids onsite, our spill containment and spill control products are designed to help you stay compliant with the latest UK regulations and keep workers and your business premises safe.

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