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Return and Recycle Policy

Here at Emtez, we are committed to a responsible environmental policy that helps minimise our impact in the face of the burgeoning effects of climate change. As a result, we have devised a new Return and Recycle policy which will see Romold offer a first of a kind service to its customers whereby we will receipt end-of-life good manufactured by Romold, and recycle them. Providing the goods are in a fit state to be recycled and free of contaminants, we will take the products and have them repurposed to help minimise the use of prime virgin materials.

Emtez has already made significant steps towards improving their environmental and recycling credentials by installing a recycling plant in our manufacturing factory; increasing our recycling contribution by some 86% (weight KGs) year-on-year. As part of this commitment, we are looking for ways to improve our sustainability credentials and will open up this scheme from the start of 2020 for existing Emtez customers.

Emtez can only accept goods that are not irreparably damaged by hazardous chemicals that make them unsuitable for post-use rigid and flexible plastics recycling. Prime examples of suitable products for this programme are drip trays or spill pallets that have had their sump breached (cracks or holes) – at this point the bund cannot be repaired and would be suitable for repurposing (providing the units are free from contamination – i.e. residual oil staining).

Download the Return Sheet

In order to return your end of life Romold product, please download and complete the return checklist to

Please enclose a printed copy alongside the returned goods.

It is important that you ensure the product(s) are compliant with the following requirements:

  1. The product was manufactured by Romold
  2. Is the product clean and free from contaminants?
Download Return Sheet

Terms and Conditions

  1. Romold will accept and receipt only end-of-life Romold products, not competitor products
  2. The customer accepts responsibility for the shipping of products and in the event of unsuitability, will be liable for the return shipment costs for unsuitable goods
  3. Items must clear of visible contaminants and must not have severe chemical damage that will prohibit the repurposing process

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