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Environmental Policy

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to humanity. More than ever, we are committed to fostering a sustainable future, not only by the products we manufacture but by encouraging a responsible culture within our organisation. - Jim McLeary, Group Operations Director

Our products are designed to help protect the world we live in, but within our factory we also endeavour to give back more than we take.

Any product we create is done so via our Life-cycle Analysis programme. This begins with the efficient sourcing of raw material, environmental considerations throughout the manufacturing process & recycling any waste produce.

In 2019, we are expanding our recycling facility allowing us to reduce the waste leaving the factory and create sustainable products.

Importantly, we also deploy strict measures to avoid the contamination of local land or aquatic environments. Our staff are also trained in handling spills should they occur.

Members of Climate Change Levy & Operation Clean Sweep

Environmental and Sustainability Policies

Utilise best practise & fully licensed waste removal
Car sharing policy & electric car scheme
Air quality & noise control testing within factory
Undertake efficient route logistics
Printing and office recycling policy

Plastic Recycling Statistics


Regrind (Granules)


Scrap & Reject Plastic


Regrind (Granules)


Scrap & Reject Plastic

How much is 69500 Kgs?

It's about as heavy as the space shuttle
It's about two thirds as heavy as a blue whale
It's about six times as heavy as an anchor of a cruise ship
It's about twelve times as heavy as an elephant