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Romold Continue to Reduce Carbon Footprint

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Whilst plastic in our ocean is a hugely popular topic, enough is still not being done to reduce the amount of single-plastic in use and, ultimately, being incorrectly disposed of. While it is all good and well removing plastic straws from local juice shops, bars and clubs, it requires all of us to change to make an impact. A recent study by Greenpeace estimates that 12.7 million tonnes of plastic will end up in our Oceans every year. To put it into context, it equates to a truck load of rubbish being dumped every minute. 

It is often forgotten, however, that plastics play a hugely important role in our lives. They have enabled a wide range of goods to become available to consumers, improved the standard of living and sanitation for many and reduced the demand for natural resources. The main problem is what people do with plastic packaging or components after they are finished using them.

Recycled Spill Pallet

At Romold, we work hard to reduce our carbon footprint and adopt a circular economy process wherever possible. We introduced our recycled pallet range in 2018 following the installation our our recycling plant and since then, have been expanding the products manufactured from minimal waste polyethylene. 

We are delighted to announce our Recycled IBC Spill Pallet with Four-Way Access. The unit includes an integral tray to catch drips from the IBC tap. It also comes with a removable plastic mesh deck, has broad range chemical compatibility and as you would expect fully complies with all the UK Oil Storage Regulations. 

 It strengthens our commitment to our ISO 14001 accreditation which sees us employ the highest of environmental management standards throughout our business.

For more information on the BB1FWR and how it can benefit your customers, why not contact us today? 

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