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The Versatile Cabinet

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Everyone is searching for the product that can do exactly what it is designed to do and then more.

Our high quality Lockable Storage Cabinet (PWSD) is unique to the marketplace due to the inclusion of its 18ltr top tray bund, ensuring the unit can be used for a multitude of purposes across a wide range of industries.

Whether your customers are within the equestrian, manufacturing, facilities management, agriculture or construction sectors, this polyethylene cabinet, with lockable door and height adjustable shelf, can be used to:

  • Store cleaning or maintenance products
  • Keep PPE near to hand
  • Temporarily store damaged or leaking containers
  • Securely store chemicals, batteries or paint
  • Provide a workstation on a production line
  • Catch spills from any contents held inside safely
  • Provide a secure storage solution 
  • Great effect in the food industry, due to their easy-to-clean nature in addition to being lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

storage cabinet
With this versatility in mind, we have extended the PWSD colour options available dependent on your requirement. Whether you are looking for white to house first aid items or coveralls around a safety shower, or grey for COSHH products, we have a solution to suit.

We are now able to offer yellow, blue, red, green and white. 

Contact Sandra today by email or call 01506 894 550 to find out more. Alternatively, visit our new look website.

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