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Protect your customers with our range of disposable face masks

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As we start to ease out of lockdown, one thing has become clear, people may need to continue to wear face coverings and socially distance for several years.

Don't worry, we've got you and your customers covered! At Romold, we offer a range of disposable face masks including the NEW FFP2 NR Protective Mask.

Our masks are suitable for everyday use including public transport, education, restaurants, outdoor activities, shopping and many workplaces.



Disposable Protective  FFP2 NR Masks

  • NEW to Romold.
  • Certified to EN 149:2001 and A1:2009.
  • 3D design will help prevent glasses from fogging up.
  • Designed to fit around the nose and mouth for a comfortable fit. 
  • Adjustable nose clip.

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3-Ply Medical Masks

  • Type IIR EN14683:2019 Certified.
  • Manufactured in the UK by Romold.
  • Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) ≥ 98%.
  • Splash Resistance ≥16.0.
  • 3 layers of fabric for added protection.
  • Elasticated ear-loops for a tighter but comfortable fit.
  • Integral plastic-coated strip for optimum fit.

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Mouth Shields

  • Designed to stop the spread of germs.
  • Suitable for restaurants, hotels, beauty, education, supermarkets and many workplaces. 
  • The plastic protective layer has an anti-fogging layer.
  • Straps are adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit. Reusable and easy to clean.

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Face Mask Bracket

  • Creates extra room around the nose and mouth expanding the breathing space available whilst wearing a face mask.
  • Helps to prevent lipstick or face creams adhering to masks.
  • The bracket is lightweight and comfortable.
  • Beneficial to those with severe breathing/respiratory issues or other difficulties with a face mask.

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Ear Loop Extender

  • The extender secures the loops behind the head for a better, more comfortable fit
  • Reusable and easy to clean.
  • Relieves pressure from the back of the ears.
  • A great way to ensure a good mask fit and increase comfort.

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For more information on our range of Face Masks please visit our website or contact us today.  

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