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Provide a safe and convenient way to store and handle hazardous materials

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When working with hazardous substances, chemicals, fuels and oils, there is always the possibility of spillages or leaks, so to prevent a potential accident it's highly recommended your customer's use drip trays.



The TT100 drip tray is designed to contain any spillages in order to keep your customer's workplace as safe as possible.

The TT100 is a low profile drip tray manufactured from recycled polypropylene ideal for use under low machinery or vehicles. Purpose made for the recovery of oil and fluids.


  • TT9 - L790 x W400 x H50mm
  • TT16 - L530 x W400 x H100mm
  • TT28 - L645 x W490 x H120mm
  • TT64 - L800 x W800 x H120mm
  • TT65 - L1000 x W550 x H150mm
  • TT65G - L1000 x W550 x H150mm (includes grid)
  • TT81 - L1100 x W550 x H50mm
  • TT100 - L1000 x W1000 x H120mm
  • TT100G - L1000 x W1000 x H120mm (includes grid)
  • TT120 - L1200 x W1200 x H120mm
  • TT152 - L1000 x W400 x H50mm
  • TTHD - L1460 x W960 x H120mm
  • TTS - L630 x W590 x H175mm
  • TTL - L1450 x W840 x H70mm
  • TTXL - L1200 x W550 x H50mm
  • TTXS - L595 x W395 x H50mm
  • TTXM - L570 x W385 x H50mm

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For more information on the TT100 Drip Tray please visit our website or contact us today.  

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