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Introducing the new BB1S

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The latest addition to our IBC Spill Pallet range has arrived. The new 1 x IBC Spill Pallet is designed to reduce transport costs and improve workplace ergonomics.

Reducing Transport Costs 

The BB1S is designed to stack 5 units to minimise transport costs.

Improving Workplace Ergonomics 

Employees are left with no choice but to force their bodies into less than ideal positions to suit the environments they work in resulting in illness and injuries. The BB1S pallet height allows for safe dispensing eliminating back strain from constantly bending over.


The investment into product development is welcomed by Sandra Geddes - UK and Ireland Sales Manager, who commented, “As we continue to improve our product offering, this latest raft of enhancements highlights Romold’s commitment to quality. Following continued feedback from our customers, we are working hard to develop innovative new products as per the market’s requirements and strive for the best of standards within our existing range.”

Find out how our product developments can benefit your business by contacting Sandra today.

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