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Hard Covered Spill Pallet

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Should your customers need to store drums or IBCs outdoors, then it is imperative they protect them from the elements.

What can you do to help your customers?

At Romold, we offer a comprehensive range of Hard Covered Spill Pallets including the BB2HCS. This high-quality unit will help manage your customer’s hazardous substances responsibly to avoid damage to the environment. The BB2HCS is designed to hold 2 x IBCs or 8 x 205ltr drums.

The base unit is manufactured from medium density polyethylene and it has a 0.6mm galvanised steel (powder-coated paint finish) cover with access via 2 steel sliding doors (fitted with a central lock).



  • 4 x 205ltr drums
  • Size: L1480mm x W1385mm x H1865mm 
  • Sump: 410ltr
  • Weight: 221kg
  • UDL: 1250kg


  • 1 x 1000ltr IBC
  • Size: L1840mm x W1425mm x H2320mm 
  • Sump: 1100ltr
  • Weight: 223kg
  • UDL: 2000kg


  • 2 x 1000ltr IBCs or 8 x 205ltr drums
  • Size: L2625mm x W1430mm x H2110mm 
  • Sump: 1140ltr
  • Weight: 285kg
  • UDL: 3000kg


  • 2 x 205ltr drums
  • Size: L1490mm x W990mm x H1690mm 
  • Sump: 230ltr
  • Weight: 85kg
  • UDL: 650kg


  • Fitted with a shelf
  • Size: L1490mm x W990mm x H1690mm 
  • Sump: 230ltr
  • Weight: 90kg
  • UDL: 650kg


  • 1 x 205ltr drum
  • Size: L1490mm x W990mm x H1690mm 
  • Sump: 230ltr
  • Weight: 95kg
  • UDL: 650kg


  • 4 x 205ltr drums
  • Size: L1470mm x W1420mm x H2070mm 
  • Sump: 410ltr
  • Weight: 121kg
  • UDL: 1250kg


  • Ramp for Use With BP2HC, BP2HCS, BP2HCH, BP4 and BP4HC
  • Size: L1740mm x W1000mm x H370mm 
  • Weight: 38kg
  • UDL: 1000kg


For more information on the Hard Covered Spill Pallets, please visit our website or contact us today. 

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