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Product of the Month: Protect Workers Without Breaking the Bank

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In an area of high traffic, businesses need an easy, safe and practical way to protect both workers and the fabric of buildings.
Our range of cost-effective polyethylene Column Guards not only provide a self-install protection system but remain maintenance free throughout their life. Rotationally moulded from highly visible yellow, they are fully weatherproof, UV stabilised and resistant to most chemicals.

  • Clamp around the column and bolt together: it’s that simple.
  • Small, medium and large options to fit most universal beams
  • Full protection with minimum fuss or expense
  • In addition to our Column Guard range, we also offer impact protectors in both strip and edge formats, designed to protect walls and corners.
Find out more today by visiting our product range on our website or contacting our UK and Ireland Sales manager, Sandra Geddes who is expertly placed to discuss product recommendations.

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