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Introducing Your New Sales Manager

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We are delighted to introduce you to your Romold Sales Manager, Sandra Geddes. Sandra joins Romold with over ten years of industry experience from roles across the waste management, construction and manufacturing sectors.

We sat down with Sandra to discover a bit about her sales background and what she believes is paramount to delivering excellent customer service. 

Firstly, tell us a little bit about your career history 

My sales career began at Thomson Holidays, where I developed a love for the fast paced environment (and international travel was a huge bonus!). Being sadly made redundant in 1990, I made a move to the insurance industry working for General Accident for many years as a Team Manager then onto Virgin Media.

In 2005, I decided it was time to pursue my dream of setting up my own business and opened a shop selling designer wallpapers and fabrics as well as manufacturing soft furnishings and staging homes for the House build Industry. In 2008, the company sadly suffered from the credit crunch and later that year I joined Viridor as a Customer Service Manager.

I enjoyed my time working within the waste industry very much with everyday presenting new challenges. Romold offers a much needed change to ignite the passion again.

You say you wanted a change but what was it about Romold specifically that made you want to work for the company? 

With a background in waste management, recycling and sustainability is of huge importance to me and I was impressed by Romold who are innovative, forward thinking and are a strong advocate of environmentally friendly processes. They are leading the way with a cleaner, greener production waste process at their Livingston facility, which enables waste production material to be 100 percent recycled so that the company no longer has any scrap material leaving the site. 

I also know the business to be family orientated and the customer is truly at the heart of everything they do - this is hugely important to me and ensures all teams work hard to offer the best service they can.

What do you believe is essential to delivering successful customer service?
Working collaboratively and understanding the importance of developing long term relationships is key.  A Positive Customer Experience can be achieved by sales and customer service teams working together, sharing the same values and goals of the company and offering the customer a consistently high level of service every time.
Finally, what would be the best piece of advice you can give to distributors looking for spill containment and prevention products?

Don’t take chances & don’t always opt for the cheapest products. Romold has a huge product range which are competitively priced and are designed with UK, EC and Worldwide bunding regulations in mind. I am here to ensure we match product to need and very much look forward to getting started.      

Why not get in touch with Sandra who can provide you with a huge resource of knowledge and advice? She will guide you through our comprehensive product range and be expertly placed to offer you with the best solution for your needs.

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