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PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: Safe and Secure Storage

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Good housekeeping is imperative when reducing the likelihood of a spill or incident in the workplace. Our range of polyethylene cabinets provide the ideal secure solution for housing containers, liquids or spill response equipment; minimising risk and helping protect workers. 

We offer a selection of 5 rotationally moulded polyethylene cabinets with varying sump capacities ranging from 30ltr to 225ltr. Complete with a three year guarantee, the cabinets are strong, easy to clean and durable.They also have good impact resistance.

With broadband chemical compatibility, each cabinet comes with its own unique features, making them suited to a range of applications.

Use them to:

  • House spill kits or Personal Protection Equipment.
  • Store janitorial supplies.
  • Store dry coveralls.
  • Store space blankets at emergency shower stations.
  • Store batteries, oil, paint and more, safely.
  • House maintenance consumables.



  • 534x420x990mm.
  • 30ltr sump.
  • Lockable with removable shelf.
  • Ideal for storing small containers or spill response equipment.




  • 650x570x1650mm.
  • 70ltr sump.
  • Lockable with removable shelf.
  • Ideal for storing larger containers or spill kits








  • 740x920x1835mm.
  • 225ltr sump.
  • Lockable with no shelf.
  • Ideal for liquid storage with a capacity to support a 225ltr drum.




  • 740x920x1835mm.
  • 225ltr sump.
  • Lockable with removable shelf.
  • Ideal for larger liquid storage.





  • 920x740x1520mm
  • 100ltr sump.
  • Lockable with removable shelf.
  • Ideal for storing small containers, spill kits or janitorial equipment.


Find out more today by visiting our website or contacting our UK and Ireland Sales manager, Sandra Geddes who is expertly placed to discuss product recommendations. Alternatively, why not download our latest catalogue for information on our wider range of products?


Written by Mairi Beaver.

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