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Our Spill Pallet Range Just Got Better

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Following our commitment to product improvement, we are proud to announce the development of our BP1, BP2BP4 and BB1D grids designed to be stronger than ever. 

With a deeper profile, the range can safely accommodate 1, 2 or 4 x 205ltr drums, keeping liquids contained should a spill occur. The removable grid and broad chemical compatibility of the pallets ensure these products are a useful addition to site safety.

  • Rotationally moulded from 100% polyethylene
  • Fork pockets for easy movement
  • Compatible with most liquids

Find out more today by visiting our website or contacting our UK and Ireland Sales manager, Sandra Geddes who is expertly placed to discuss product recommendations. Alternatively, why not download our latest catalogue for information on our wider range of products?

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