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Key benefits of using spill trays in your business

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When working with hazardous substances, chemicals, fuels and oils, it is highly recommended to use Spill Trays to try and capture spillages or leaks.

What is a Spill tray?

A spill tray or spill containment tray is a form of secondary containment that prevents hazardous materials splashes and spills from contaminating.

Why Choose Romold Spill Tray?

The Romold trays are great for storing smaller drums and containers. Compact and lightweight they can fit into small areas, are robust, easy to clean and compatible with most liquids

Our ST range provides a cost effective solution to the storing of smaller containers in liquid dispensing work areas, dosing points, laboratories etc. 

Available in a range of sizes.   



  • Comprehensive range of sizes                             
  • Low profiles for limited height applications                  
  • Broadband chemical compatibility
  • 8 standard versions available with capacities from 22ltr to 104ltr.
  • Lightweight but durable all models have excellent broadband chemical compatibility.

Ideal for:

  • For storing smaller containers i.e. oil cans and paint
  • Perfect for catching drips or leaks
  • Using in vehicles, factories or job sites
  • Storing messy parts or tools
  • Schools
  • Solvent & ink storage

For more information on the ST Trays please visit our website or contact us today. 

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