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4 Key Benefits of Using Bunded Flooring

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Bunded flooring is a flexible solution that keeps workplaces dealing with any form of liquid (chemical or otherwise) protected. With broadband compatibility and easy to remove grid mesh decks, the flooring securely catches and stores any liquid that may have leaked from resting drums or IBCs, helping to keep employees and their surroundings safe from harm.

Our recently launched Sump Floor Kits - the BF4KIT1 and BF4KIT2 - are

  • Backed by a three year guarantee
  • Allow you to quickly and easily set up cost-effective work space solutions
  • Come complete with floor grids, connectors and joining strips
  • Can be assembled in a line or rectangular shape dependent on your requirement
  • Come with joining strips to ensure a superior finish and provide an additional security measure 

Further to being an effective secondary containment solution, there are four key general benefits of using bunded flooring. 

1. Highly Durable

Each section of bunded flooring holds up to 300ltr of fluid with a uniform distributed load (UDL) of up to 2000kg. When individual sections are connected together, it allows spilt liquid to flow freely between the sections, drastically increasing capacity. This proves ideal for holding a large spill from a drum or IBC should the need arise. 

2. Safer Clean Up

Bunded flooring makes it far easier and safer to clean up any leaks, spills or overflow. Any spilt liquid will remain safely housed until it can be extracted, which is an easy task thanks to the removable grid mesh decks. We also offer optional ramps for loading and unloading, allowing for smooth access to and from the flooring sections and reducing the risk of spills during transportation. 

3. Broadband Compatibility

Manufactured from polyethylene, the bunded flooring kits are suitable for a wide range of chemicals, including those that may be corrosive. Should these types of chemicals leak, they can cause untold damage to staff, flooring, metal products and more. By using a polyethylene product as a secondary chemical solution, you are safeguarding your property and staff from potential harm.  

4. Prevents Contamination

By securing any spill you are ensuring liquid does not enter drains or waterways putting you at risk of jail time or a hefty fine from the Environmental Agency. Additionally, you will avoid the liquid in question mixing with any others in your work space that may result in an adverse reaction. 

To find out more about our new Sump Floor Kits, why not contact us today? Our trained members of staff can help advise on a solution to fit your needs.

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