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Oil Selective Absorbent Socks (20 socks with 54 litre capacity)

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Oil-selective socks absorb hydrocarbons but repel water. They are ideal for containing and absorbing small liquid leaks or spills preventing further spread such as with or near machinery. Due to them being water-repellent, they can be used to take hydrocarbons off of water or even when raining.

All socks are made from 100% recycled polypropylene absorbing 2.7ltr per sock, or 54ltr per pack of 20. White is a standard color for oil absorbents.

Absorbs hydrocarbons - perfect for most day-to-day solutions

  • Storage - Store in a dry place.
  • Disposal - Socks must be disposed of in compliance with the absorbed liquid destruction Regulation.
  • Transport - No specific regulation, can stand extreme cold, to be kept away from heat > 160°C.


Size (mm): 55Ø x 1200
Absorbs: Hydrocarbons but repels water
Capacity*: 2.7ltr per pad - 54ltr per pack of 20
Pack Weight: 4.5kg
Quantity in pack: Socks - 20 per pack and Packs - 20 per box