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Chemical Absorbent Pads (100 pads with 80 litre capacity)

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Yellow chemical absorbent pads are your best solution when working with chemicals or when you are unsure what the spilt/leaking liquid is. The bright yellow colour is a good visual warning to others clearly identifying the spill as hazardous. These pads are bonded and fitted with a cover-stock to provide excellent wear resistance and market leading tensile strength and are perforated to allow you to use as much or as little as you need depending on the application.

Absorbs acids - always use when you are unsure what the liquid is.


Size (mm): 400 x 500
Absorbs: Acids - caustics - always use when you are unsure what the liquid is
Capacity: 0.8ltr per pad - 80ltr per pack of 100
Pack Weight: 3.2kg
Quantity in pack: Pads - 100 and Packs - 48 boxes