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IBC Spill Pallet (For 1 x 1000ltr IBC With Integral Dispensing Area (With Grid))

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A single IBC secondary containment spill pallet featuring an integral dispensing area to help reduce spills during filling and dispensing.

  • Manufactured from medium density polyethylene
  • Stackable to help minimise transport costs
  • Sump capacity of 1125ltr
  • 1 x removable grid included
  • Broad range chemical compatibility
  • We fully comply with all UK, European and other country’s Oil Storage Regulations
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Decanting area included

Features and Benefits

  • Pallet height allows for safe dispensing as it helps eliminate back strain from constantly bending over
  • Designed to stack 5 units to minimise transport costs
  • Built-in decanting area which allows any leaks/drips to be contained within the sump
  • Light-weight, durable, hardwearing and robust
  • 1 x removable grid providing easy access for cleaning
  • 2-way forklift pockets
  • UV stabilised


Length 1870mm
Width 1340mm
Height 1030mm
No. of Containers 1 x 1000ltr
Weight 93kg (including grid)
Sump 1125ltr
UDL 2000kg