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Absorbent Boom with PVC Skirt
ABPVC13-10 || 13cmØ x 10m

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By deploying the containment boom with the absorbent facing the spill you can contain and absorb it or by deploying with the face of the boom away from the spill it will act as a containment boom, ideal for light debris or when you want to recover the spill mechanically.

This cost effective, light-weight boom comes in a pack of two providing 10m of cover when joined together.


Freeboard: 130mm
Draft: 320mm
Overall: 450mm
Section length: 10m 
Buoyancy to weight:


Weight: 1.8kg per metre
Ballast: 5mm galvanised steel chain

Skirt 600gsm PVC - Polypropylene boom

Colour: Skirt Orange - Boom white
Boom: 13cmØ x 10m
Absorbs: 100ltr per pack of 1 boom
Connections: Boom fitted with eye rings - PVC skirt attached to boom with Velcro straps and Velcro to join sections together - ballast chain joined with small carabiners


Freeboard = vertical height of the product above the water

Draft = depth of the product below the water

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