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Manufacturing plastic spill containment products since 1998, we have developed a comprehensive range of products which allow our distribution partners to compete in whichever market sector they operate in. Our products are developed in-house by our engineering team, who’s work includes the design and construction of the product moulds to ensure we produce high quality finished products that are compliant with the appropriate standards, durable, chemically resistant and fully recyclable. 

We are the UK’s leading manufacturer of polyethylene spill containment products and have a worldwide network of distribution partners in place who are serviced from our 5,200m² production, development, warehousing and customer support facility, with plans afoot for expansion in the near future. 

Our ongoing product development programme enables us to react to market demands and expand our product range accordingly, providing innovative and practical solutions, whilst our customer service team provide a fast, flexible, friendly and knowledgeable support service.

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