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Sump Floor

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This product is DIBt (German Institute for Building Technology) approved, meaning it is tested against important criteria such as capacity and load testing.


Backed by our 3-year guarantee

A low profile 6-drum sump floor is only 150mm high moulded from medium-density polyethylene. The BF6 is comprised of 2 separate units, our BF4 & BF2, connected using our joining strip & optional sump connector. This can be further joined with other units to create unlimited bunded areas. The units can be joined together with plastic connectors to inter-link the sumps with the BF4 injection moulded mesh floor having a 2000kg static weight load & the BF2 mesh floor having a 1000kg weight load. Each unit comes with separate removable grids (3 total - BF4 2 & BF2 1). Optional ramps are available for easier decanting.

The sump will not include pre-drilled holes. Please see the ‘BF6 Configuration’ document for instructions.

You will require an appropriate size/capacity fork lift truck to offload this item from the delivery vehicle. Our standard delivery doesn’t include any offloading.

All sumps hold 110% of the capacity of the largest container or 25% of the total capacity stored, whichever is greater.


Length 2520mm (BF2 860mm & BF4 1660mm)
Width 1260mm
Height 150mm
Weight 58kg (BF2 20kg & BF4 38kg)
Nº of containers 6 x 205ltr
Sump 430ltr (BF2 130ltr & BF4 300ltr)
UDL 3000kg (BF2 1000kg & BF4 2000kg)
Approval DIBt Z-40.22-398