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Roll Forward Skip On Legs With A Plastic Bucket

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This roll forward skip uses a rotationally moulded polyethylene bucket which is attached to a painted steel chassis on legs, is fitted with a safety chain and discharge handle, and is designed to withstand day to day use in application such as those found in the construction industry.


 Length: 1795mm
Width: 1740mm
Height:  1192mm
Tare Weight: 210kg
Nominal Volume: 1.1m²
Max Load: 1000kg




This unit will be delivered by an HGV, possibly articulated therefore please ensure that a vehicle of this type can access your premises before ordering and advise us accordingly.

You will require an appropriate size/capacity fork lift truck to offload this item from the delivery vehicle. Our standard delivery doesn’t include any offloading.


This unit is not designed for use with wet sand, cement, concrete or other similar wet loads because of the potential to overload it and cause significant damage to the locking mechanism, which would affect your warranty rights.

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