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Ceiling Leak Diverter Canopy (1x1m)

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Leak Diverting kit which includes a canopy, PVC hose, 4 x clips and 4 x cam buckle straps.

The Leak Diverter offers an ideal temporary solution which will help prevent stock damage, protect your equipment, workplace, employees and customers by catching stray leaks in the canopy and funnelling into a bin/container. The design makes it easy to use in multiple settings including offices, factories, industrial units and stores.

It is a quick and straightforward way to deal with inconvenient roof leaks while reducing the risks of slips & falls by keeping areas dry. The pinched corners help funnel the liquid towards the centre for better drainage with the straps easily adjustable for levelling & positioning.

Available in 5 different sizes with personalisation options of logos and text.

Bin is not included.


    Canopy (1m x 1m):
    Strap (2.5m x 25mm): 4
    Hose (5m): 1
    Clips: 4
    Canopy Thickness: 610g/m²
    Canopy Coating: PVC
    Temperature Stability: 30°C (-22°F) / + 70°C (158°F)
    Straps Base Fabric: High tenacity polyester
    Cam Buckle Straps: 2.5m x 25mm

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