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Face Mask Brackets

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The Schoeller Masks 3D face mask bracket helps to create extra room around the nose and mouth expanding the breathing space available whilst wearing a face mask.

The frame shape creates a dome of airflow with extra air space and a bigger surface area for the mask to filter and allow airflow. This mask frame also helps to ensure the mask fabric does not cover/touch your mouth or nostrils when inhaling.

The bracket is lightweight and comfortable. It’s designed to fit snug over the bridge of the nose and around the mouth and chin. Helps to prevent lipstick or face creams adhering to masks.

Ideal for those who wear glasses. The extra space for airflow in front of the mouth and nose means less chance of warm, moist, exhaled air being forced upwards towards the eyes/glasses.


Height: 80mm
Length: 120mm
Width: 47mm
Pack of 5

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